Ace ColorZone-Top Quality Printer Consumables

Ace ColorZone-Top Quality Printer Consumables

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250ml Dye ink for Epson XP400/XP300
Product Name:
250ml Dye ink for Epson XP400/XP300
No. :
Epson XP400/XP300

Products details :


1. This Ink is to be used with refillable cartridges and CISS systems


2.  High quality dye base ink yields exceptional print result at a lowest cost,Save up to 90% in printing cost


3. Fast drying time


4. High quality dye ink 100% compatible with the Epson printers


5. Vivid color with high saturation


6. Quality similar original


7. "Easy Fill" ink bottle design, user friendly and keep your hands clean


8. Enough to fill the reservoirs of Continuous Ink System


9. Our water based dye ink anti-uv grade is much higher than the other ink in this industry, quality is stable, weatherability is strong.

size carton dimension weight packing specification
28ml  62*43.5*35cm 15.6KG 320pcs/carton
100ml   62*43.5*35cm 32.4KG 256pcs/carton
250ml   58*42*15.5cm 17.9KG 60pcs/carton
500ml   49*40*18.5cm  17.5KG 30pcs/carton
1000ml   47*37*23.5cm 23KG 20pcs/carton 
5 L 40.5*23*30.5cm 22KG 4pcs/carton
20 L 32*28.5*39.5cm 21.9KG 1pc/carton
25 L  32*28.5*43.5cm 27KG 1pc/carton